[*Please note: These listings are only for bicycles stolen in the Sydney area.]

 Here’s how it works:

  • Your bike gets stolen (sorry).
  • You visit this site and register with a username and password (it’s quick and painless).
  • Once logged in, you create a post about your bike. Just fill in the title and description.
  • I encourage you to leave your email address or phone number.
  • When you’re finished click “save as draft”. (ignore “Post Password” and other fields)
  • Then you go to “Upload” if you have an image you’d like to add.
  • Once the image is uploaded, return to your post and insert the image URL and click “save as draft” again.
  • When I log-in, I’ll see your post. I’ll glance at it, make sure it’s porn/spam free, and hit “publish”. That’s it.
  • Once your listing is published, subscribe to the comments via email so you’ll know when someone leaves a tip.
  • Please describe how your bike was locked so we can figure out how to educate people in the future!

Many bikes have been recovered in portland where this page was invented in part because of these listings!

Here are some reasons why you should list your stolen bike here:

  • It’s free, quick and easy.
  • Local bike shops that sell used bikes can check the listings before dealing with stolen property.
  • Local bike shops can print out and post the listings in the service area so their mechanics can be on the lookout.
  • Anyone can leave comments below each listing if they need more information or perhaps have a tip as to the bike’s whereabouts.
  • Hopefully this will be seen by cyclists everyday that are out there on the streets ready to spot your beloved steed.

This is an evolving effort and I rely on feedback and insights from you to make it better. Also, please be forgiving as I tweak things here and there to make this all work just right. And remember, the more people that know about this, the more listings we’ll get and the more bikes we’ll recover…so please spread the word!

Click here to register and post your bike.


10 Responses to “Stolen Bike Listings”

  1. mj Says:

    About how many bikes are stolen in Sydney a year?

    Portland has over 1000 reported, however I suspect there are alot that aren’t reported.

  2. chitiandashen Says:

    Stolen Bike
    Taken from outside the Hollywood Hotel, Surry Hills, on Wednesday the 29th of November, about 9pm. Reported to Surry Hills Police.


    Early ’80s model.

    Blue frame with yellow cloverleaf insignia.

    Chrome forks with cloverleaf insignia.

    Colnago stem, 3ttt bars with new blue tape.

    Campagnolo Record brakes (no hoods), cranks (175) and derailleur, all early ’80s.

    Shimano 747 pedals.

    Superbe high flange hubs, Mavic rims, Bontrager tyres.

    No serial number, as the rear tips are new, and painted black.

    Has unusual wire ‘grit-catchers’ on front and rear wheels.

    Could well have locked cable still attached.

    Belongs to:

    James Rose
    H: 9698 3462
    W: 9514 8396
    M: 0409 661 806

  3. ywindsurfing Says:

    My bike was stolen on Saturday.

    It’s my first time creating a post and wasn’t sure if you have received it.

    I wasn’t able to locate the “save as draft” button


  4. oriorda Says:


    Stolen on 03/01/09, Giant CRX FOUR M50 BLUE
    Serial Number: GV8V3393
    See link above for picture.

    Bike taken from: Sydney Hospital,Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

    Bike was secured to bicycle stand using chain and was taken between 1730 and 2130 on 03/01/09

    Bike was less than a month old, with attachments for front and rear lights on it.

    For any other information please contact:

  5. fredh214 Says:

    Hi, I have just been stolen my bike on Circular Quay 1 hour ago (Thursday 22/4/2010 at 12.00 lunch time).
    I can’t understand “Once logged in, you create a post”. Where??!!!

    1. fredh214 Says:

      And can’t see upload photo link either.

  6. hannah12fj Says:

    My bike was stolen from Newtown last night. It is a lady’s Sub Zero road bike, bought in 2009 in Fremantle. This is a picture of the bike from a different website http://marlboroughmultisport.wordpress.com/2010/08/31/womens-road-bike-for-sale/

    I really hope this turns up, it’s my only transportation and i need it for my job!

  7. kenrob2037 Says:

    Your site does not work. What’s The point of it?

  8. bloustien Says:

    Stolen bike:

    blue Giant Transcend 2 (2011) that was stolen on Friday from the stairwell in my building (Randwick), where it was chained to the bannister.

    At the time it had 8-ball tyre caps, a front light and a red bell with a superhero (“pow!”) on it.

    Serial number: C40F1572

    Any info, please contact dave (at) bloustien dot com

  9. Stolen Bike! 😦

    Navy Tokyo Bike (Bisou Model) stolen from Lansdowne Rd, Surry Hills.
    The bike has a basket on the back and a bottle holder in the middle.
    Serial Number WE11031271.

    It was locked with a Kryptonite D-lock to my terrace front fence bars. The lock was gone too.

    Any info contact Phoebe 0432 651 620!

    Cash reward – no questions asked.

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