Working BeeWe are having a nother working bee at the Nunnery (check to kull bikes and generaly tidy up. The last working bee got a lot of good stuff sorted, like the shed, the tool boards, signs and labeling systems. Yay. Now we’ve simply got too much stuff!! We need your help….

  • kulling bikes for the Petersham Men’s Shed (They make wheelchairs from adult frames)
  • Sending scrap metal off to a merchant somewhere, does someone have a ute?
  • Kulling ‘projects’ that have been unloved too long
  • Sorting out a better opener/closer roster and on sight info for newbies

Okay so I might be interested but what are the deets?

Where: Nunnery (but of course) the backyard of 40 Forbes St Newtown- check out this map
When: 4 till 9.30 every monday for the next month we’ll be kulling and sorting. Plus 11am till dark Sunday 29th of July which will hopefuly be a big bike club meeting too. We’d like to talk about different bike projects, and how they can help each other. For instance we are sending kulled stuff to africa or to be made into wheelchairs, or to a scrap metaler who is stock pilling bikes for us to choose from and take back to newtown. For more info call jp on 0401447675

What if I only have a small amount of time?

That would be great because every little bit that you can offer will help. Even if it is to come by and say “Hi guys”, provide hugs, and then leave again. We’d really like to spruce things up and get our new system rolling out the Nunnery.


Check out the great website of the amazing Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle Ride. They’re riding from Rockhampton all the way to Canberra. It’ll pass through Newcastle/Sydney around the 21st of August so that would be a good time/place for Sydney people to go and meet them and do part of the ride. If you’re wondering what they’re up to, they put it this way:

We are a comunity of people concerned about the false claim that nuclear technology will provide a clean green solution to climate change. We hope to promote truly clean and green energy alternatives, while building a pro-active cycling community and having fun.

How rad is that! (You can also make donations at their website)


The idea that was floated back in January has come to fruition, and we’ve got our first exhibition opening happening this Friday, 9th of March, from 6-8pm.

The work is all from Gilbert Grace and “derived from photographs or sketches of various cycling journeys, either in NSW or further afield”.

The paintings were all hung yesterday and they’re really beautiful.


Meet at Cheeky transport at 2pm for a convoyage to Pyrmont Point Park (3pm) for a vegan barbie (BYO meat. We will take the Christiania full of ice and beer and a bicycle powered blender for cocktails. There will be music of some kind and some prizes for outfits and some events like skids and trackstands and some other cool stuff.

Very low key, it’s a real nice spot to spend the afternoon and watch the sunset

All welcome as long as you come by bike.


Due to technical difficulties, The Bicycle Film Festival will now be screened at the OLD GEOLOGY BUILDING easily found next to the Glebe footbridge on Parramatta Rd.

Just thought I’d also let everyone know where to be for FREE Bicycle Film Festival events!


Thursday 26th October
BIKES ROCK PARTY! Bicycle Film Festival Launch

Hermann’s Bar
Come party hard with:
Tom Stone and the Soldiers of Fortune, Say Cheese and Die!, Vincent Over the Sink, Peter Costello, MC Sunny D, Chooch-a-bahn DJs,
Friday 27th October


Old Geology Building (next to Glebe footbridge on Parramatta Rd)
Free wine, juice and vegetarian nibblies! Come and get excited about the first screening of the BFF EVER IN AUSTRALIA!

Bicycle Film Festival Afterparty
The Townie (Newtown)
Come, relax and chat over a beer or lemonade…

Saturday 28th October
Bicycle Film Festival Closing Party
Hermann’s Bar
Dance the night away with Dual Plover’s Winner and DJ Small Cock.

Help is still needed with:
– valet bicycle parking. Come and relieve Fiona (from MASSBUG) for an hour or two so she gets to see at least SOME of the Bicycle Film Festival screening! Volunteers urgently needed to help on Saturday and a couple more people on Friday would be good too. So far, Fiona appears to be looking after the bicycle parking full-time on both days! It’s time to help her out!
Contact Fiona on
– general ushering of people and various other things… If you’re able to help out on Friday night from 5:30pm, let me know as soon as possible and I’ll assign you a job! Yes! Go jobs!

~ Phuong ~


The Sydney Body Art Riders will be attending the Spring Cycle tomorrow. Come and join us. Meet us behind the stage in St Leonard’s Park at 7.30am for a ride across the Harbour Bridge. You need a helmet, bicycle, shoes and undies/budgie smugglers/G-string. We will provide the paint.

Coming soon, a very exciting program at Sydney Uni on Friday Oct 27 and Saturday Oct 28. Complete with valet parking for your bike. And parties afterwards!

joe kid on a stingraymash

Check out the awesome programme at Bicycle Film Festival

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