Treadly and Me has an overview of the death of a Melbourne pedestrian after a collision with a rider last week, summarising mainstream media reports, blogs and official statements. It’s essential and sobering reading, and a reminder to play by the rules, for the sake of everyone..



Stolen From Pedaller

 Tomorrow, Tuesday 8th August, is census day, so it’s time to stand up and be counted, or rather, it’s time to ride your bike to work and be counted.

Question 45 “How did the person get to work on Tuesday, 8 August 2006?” is the all important question, with a bicycle box for you to mark in the approved fashion. I

n order to legitimately increase the number of cyclists riding to work tomorrow, here is a list of Sydney bike buses you could join,

1. Homebush to the City Bike Bus. Leaves Homebush station at 7am, with pickups at Strathfield, Burwood, Croydon, Ashfield, Summer Hill, Lewisham and Redfern. Contact Jan 0432 610 859 for more information.

2. Marrickville Bike Bus. Departs Henson Park Hotel, Marrickville at 6:58am. Pickups at Newington/Wemyss St, Newtown Bridge, George St Redfern. Contact 0403 821 374 for more information.

3. Petersham Bike Bus. Leaves York Cres/Crystal St at 8am. Pickups at Stanmore station, Newtown Bridge, Wells/George St Redfern. Contact 0417 692 963 for more details.

4. Summer Hill to Liverpool Census Day Special. Departs fountain at Lackey Street, Summer HIll at 6:45am. Pickups at Rookwood, Guildford, arriving at Liverpool at 8:15am. Contact Chris 02 9799 2104 for more information.

The aim is to get as many people cycling to work as possible in order to show that cycling is a legitimate form of transport that needs to be taken seriously.

MOre at Pedaller

CITY TWILIGHT RIDE – CBD RIDE 15 km ; Moderate pace Easy / Some Traffic / Contact: Gilbert Grace; Ph 9560 0739 Starts: 5.45PM; Martin Place between Elizabeth & Castle.

We explore the quiet streets and back lanes of the inner city. Through Royal Botanic Gardens, Chinatown, along the Hungry Mile to Millers Pt, and ending at a classic Rocks’ watering hole.

BBC Radio 4 is currently 2/3rds of the way through a great documentary series called The Fall and Rise of the Bicycle.

“Mark Stephen discovers the importance of the bicycle as a global barometer of social, economic and environmental change”.

The first episode went to Africa to see “the impact that owning a bicycle can have on the lives of Africa’s rural poor”. They visited the BEN Bikes project in Namibia, which is, incidentally, being run by an Australian called Michael Linke who’s blogging about the project. The project supplies bikes to the carers who support and assist AIDS victims across the country.

The second episode went to London and Copehagen to experience urban cycling in Europe. The interviews included Matt Seaton, “Bicycling Correspondent” for The Guardian (Scroll down to ‘Bicycles’), and a couple of Copenhagen commuters and couriers (who, interestingly, say that despite its reputation as Europe’s best bike city, Copenhagen ain’t easy for the working cyclist). Have a look at this doco on GoogleVideo about riding in Copenhagen.

The third and final episode, coming up on Monday, goes to China to see how bicycle culture is changing..

It’s all essential and inspiring listening, so don’t miss it.

Boulevard of Broken Promises pdf. Andrew Dodds and Fiona Campbell address the Williams St debacle.

“Ok, lets make it definately July 16 midday (Sunday) for the rides to meet then, and very likely at the same place as last time (near corner of Kings Cross Rd and Victoria St)…”

BUGS to converge upon intersection of Victoria St and Darlinghurst Road, above the Williams St Tunnel at 12 MIDDAY to ride through the City and return to Kings Cross by 2:00pm.

Join with other cyclists from various bugs to sent a message to government that bike lanes do belong in our city.

Ryde Start 9:30am PDF

Naremburn Start 10:30am PDF

Riverwood Start 9:00am PDF

Newtown Start 10:00am – Massbug members can join the City Circuit Ride and then proceed to meet other cyclists at Kings Cross.

More info at …

More info contact: Paul Johnson mobile 0438536458 or Bike South West

As mentioned everywhere else, the Herald gave a decent run to bike paths off the back of the William St saga, and a photo of Velosydney’s own Schmadzie.. Seems like the comments are running 90% in favour as well..

Of course, lanes and paths are only part of the solution. The bicycle has a right to be on the road, and as such drivers and riders both have to behave themselves, be educated, aware of each other and polite..

There has been a suggestion we do a media action to further raise the pressure about losing the William Street bike lanes.

Friday 5:30pm meet to discuss, plan and do training.  Meet at Hyde Park fountain. 

Following Friday, 14th at 8am is likely to be the action itself, on William Street.

Please come and have input tomorrow if you can and on Friday 14th morning.  We also need a volunteer who can spend half a day calling media outlets to follow up on a press release on Thurs 13th.

Let me know if any comments/suggestions/offers.

0403 821 374

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