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If you’re a fan of vintage steel and work-bikes there’s a couple of interesting lots in an auction coming up from Bonhams & Goodman. An artist called Dennis Baker is selling off the contents of his studio, and amongst the prints, posters and furniture are a 30’s ‘Elswick Hopper’ delivery bicycle, an ‘early French ladies bicycle’ and a 1930s ‘Healing’ delivery trike. You can go and have a look this Friday and Saturday, and the sale is on Sunday (Map).

Free pedapod passenger rides in the Sydney CBD from 26th July to 1st August between 10am and 4pm brought to you by Jetstar.

So show your support for Sydney’s pedal-powered transport option by taking a free ride today.

As part of Jetstar’s launch of cheap flights to Asia, Jetstar has sponsored pedapod in Sydney for 1 week to offer free passenger service rides in the CBD. This is a “hail and ride” service, just like a taxi. You can use the service to get between city offices, to get between shops and public transport, to get between entertainment areas and public transport hubs, or just to enjoy a ride for the experience.

Jordan Baker reported in the Sydney Morning Herald today that,

The discount airline’s website yesterday buckled under the demand for $169 one-way flights to Bali – including taxes. Return trips to Vietnam were selling for $398, and one-way flights to Osaka for $249….Everyday, all-inclusive, one-way fares range from $409 for Bali, $489 for Ho Chi Minh City and $549 for Osaka.

…Each passenger receives a bottle of water on boarding, and a water cooler is onboard for refills.

I thought these were pretty cool – They’re posters for Team Discovery Channel, plugging The Race 2 Replace, which has something to do with The Texan.

The photos come courtesy of the awesome Telstar in San Fran.

Revolution in transport … Jan Stubbings pedals her pedicab near the Art Gallery of NSW.

A nice article on the pedal taxis cruising around Sydney

and an article by Michael Duffy. It's interesting that they use portland as a city where public transport is declining. That's probably because Portland is such a fantastic place to ride your bike around, not because people are sitting in cars on freeways.

Jodee Rich.

Former One-Tel Jodee Rich director fronts up to the Supreme Court of NSW..

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