For those that don’t know there will be a State Election on the 24th March in NSW. This is probably the best I have seen in regards to the organisation of cycling information and resoures available to us. The cycling Promotion Fund have created a fantastic resource at – This site is full of great information about the state of cycling within NSW and when compared to other states how far we are behind. You can also email all the canditates in each region.

Also available is the Bicycle NSW 2007 policy request that has been sent to every minister (

Bicycle NSW have also invited the three main parties, Labor, Liberal and Greens to speak about their cycling policies to the board. So far the Liberals and the Greens have responded no word from the Labor Party.

Bicycle NSW will be publishing the results of the meetings so expect something there. Vote4Cycling also sent every member a 30 question survey (survey is available on the web).  The results of that are also to be published on the web.

So even thou it looks like it will be a Labor Gov next time aroud there are some key seats that could go other ways. So what I say is check out what is there and write to you local member and ask them some tricky questions. And let them know that for you cycling is an issue.