August 2006

Bicycle NSW is no longer publishing Push On via Australian Cyclist. They have decided to make it a PDF that can be downloaded at Push On was the main method that BNSW had to contact its members.

I feel that with an election year coming up BNSW should be reaching as many people as possible, that means a combination of paper and web (yes put it on the web but also continue publishing it). If members want a paper copy they need to send in the form that is in Australian Cyclist requesting it, then you will get a printed version posted to you. If you missed that small article and don’t have a PC – you won’t see Push On ever again.

If you disagree with this please let Bicycle NSW know email

On a good note, at the last BNSW board meeting it was decided that they should get an Advocacy manager for the election. Hopefully the job specs are being written up as we speak.


here is some information i shamelessly lifted from the massbug website.



Shopping, trikes, work bikes

EOTP 15km

Chance for bikes to of all shapes and sizes to be seen. Join the shopping trail to see how easy it is.

Start: 9 am Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, King St, opposite Railway Station.

bike love

If you’re a fan of vintage steel and work-bikes there’s a couple of interesting lots in an auction coming up from Bonhams & Goodman. An artist called Dennis Baker is selling off the contents of his studio, and amongst the prints, posters and furniture are a 30’s ‘Elswick Hopper’ delivery bicycle, an ‘early French ladies bicycle’ and a 1930s ‘Healing’ delivery trike. You can go and have a look this Friday and Saturday, and the sale is on Sunday (Map).

The City of Sydney Council Cycling in the Cityprogram has finished and by all accounts done really well. See assorted propaganda re the program on the CoS website.

More importantly they are having a get together of all the participants next Wednesday 16 August at the Customs House Forecourt in Alfred St, Circular Quay starting 8.00am.

There will be the usual schmoozing by public officials but there should be a good number of bikes there and you might be able crash it and bludge a free cup of coffee and a pastry.

The more bikes seen there the better esp if it gets a gurnsey in the media.


The NSW Premier released the draft 10 year State Plan on Wednesday (big deal I hear you say) however buried in the bowels of this document on the last strategy on the last page (page 43) is a reference to cycling. It says:

‘blah blah…..promote increased use of existing cycleways”.

This is soooo weak. Firstly it is the last thing the government plans to do (there are a gizillion other actions in the plan) and that it is going to promote use of EXISTING cycleways i.e. no new pathways. And this at a time when people are screaming about congestion, pollution, price of fuel etc etc.

The plan is out for a mere month of consultation (gee must be an election coming up) so your feedback is critical. If you go feral and send in a written submission send it snail-mail to:

NSW State Plan
Premier’s Department
GPO Box 5341
Sydney NSW 2001

If you need to unload electronically go to ‘Your Feedback’ on the Plan’s webpage and go ballistic.

This plan is for ten years. Ten minutes of your time to get into them about the plan is a good investment.

Stolen From Pedaller

 Tomorrow, Tuesday 8th August, is census day, so it’s time to stand up and be counted, or rather, it’s time to ride your bike to work and be counted.

Question 45 “How did the person get to work on Tuesday, 8 August 2006?” is the all important question, with a bicycle box for you to mark in the approved fashion. I

n order to legitimately increase the number of cyclists riding to work tomorrow, here is a list of Sydney bike buses you could join,

1. Homebush to the City Bike Bus. Leaves Homebush station at 7am, with pickups at Strathfield, Burwood, Croydon, Ashfield, Summer Hill, Lewisham and Redfern. Contact Jan 0432 610 859 for more information.

2. Marrickville Bike Bus. Departs Henson Park Hotel, Marrickville at 6:58am. Pickups at Newington/Wemyss St, Newtown Bridge, George St Redfern. Contact 0403 821 374 for more information.

3. Petersham Bike Bus. Leaves York Cres/Crystal St at 8am. Pickups at Stanmore station, Newtown Bridge, Wells/George St Redfern. Contact 0417 692 963 for more details.

4. Summer Hill to Liverpool Census Day Special. Departs fountain at Lackey Street, Summer HIll at 6:45am. Pickups at Rookwood, Guildford, arriving at Liverpool at 8:15am. Contact Chris 02 9799 2104 for more information.

The aim is to get as many people cycling to work as possible in order to show that cycling is a legitimate form of transport that needs to be taken seriously.

MOre at Pedaller

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