This Sunday, Mr Paul Johnson, of Premier Iemma’s electorate of Lakemba, will be leading a protest ride from The Premier’s electorate office in Riverwood to William Street in Kings Cross.

Mr Paul Johnson said, “I considered having a hunger strike, but that just seemed daft, the 3Cs, Cycling, Coffee and Chocolate go together so well. So I’m calling on the vegan cyclist hordes of Sydney to descend on William St and protest the removal of the William St bike lanes by eating meat (or a viable meat substitute if you must) this Sunday at a Kings Cross back-of-the-bike sausage sizzle. The government shouldn’t have all the fun doing stupid things like getting rid of bike lanes. We can match their dullness with something suitably senseless.”

Mr Johnson is converting a bicycle trailer into a mobile BBQ, and will be bringing a tandem to pull it, the stokers seat is reserved for Morris Iemma if he accepts the invitation to join. Others with tandems have been asked to invite their local politician.

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