July 2006

BMX affectionadoes might want to check out SKID 180 at the Opera House kicking off in August.

The spin:

“SKID180 follows the story of a group of urban BMX riders in a stunning fusion of live riding, film, physical theatre, animation, music, beat-box and poetry. ”

Not quite my thing but phat youth might get a kick.



The City of Sydney Council has released its Cycle Strategy today. It ‘aims to increase the number of bicycle trips by 250 per cent in the next five years and 500 percent by 2016. Bicycle trips currently comprise about two per cent of total trips made in the City of Sydney government area.’

The strategy is open for comment till the end of September so it REALLY REALLY important that we out there provide feedback on it. You don’t have to agree with it, love it or even read it – whatever – but email or call the council about it. They log all comments (written, email or telephone) and if bugger all people appear to support it then it could get watered down or worse.

Take a look at the strategy at www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au under ‘Highlights’.

Get advocating people!

I got a flyer on Friday for a new volunteer bike co-op and thought the details were worth sharing..

Forbes St. Nunnery Bike Workshop

  • free use of tools
  • spare parts and bikes available
  • tea, coffee and fun
  • all volunteer
  • help, bikes, parts + donations all welcome

It happens every Monday from 3pm at 40 Forbes St, Newtown.

For info, call Maurice on 0437 940 265 or J.P. on 0401 447 675

If you check the map, Forbes St is just off The Bicycle Superhighway (aka Wilson St), so drop in on your way home on Monday..

BBC Radio 4 is currently 2/3rds of the way through a great documentary series called The Fall and Rise of the Bicycle.

“Mark Stephen discovers the importance of the bicycle as a global barometer of social, economic and environmental change”.

The first episode went to Africa to see “the impact that owning a bicycle can have on the lives of Africa’s rural poor”. They visited the BEN Bikes project in Namibia, which is, incidentally, being run by an Australian called Michael Linke who’s blogging about the project. The project supplies bikes to the carers who support and assist AIDS victims across the country.

The second episode went to London and Copehagen to experience urban cycling in Europe. The interviews included Matt Seaton, “Bicycling Correspondent” for The Guardian (Scroll down to ‘Bicycles’), and a couple of Copenhagen commuters and couriers (who, interestingly, say that despite its reputation as Europe’s best bike city, Copenhagen ain’t easy for the working cyclist). Have a look at this doco on GoogleVideo about riding in Copenhagen.

The third and final episode, coming up on Monday, goes to China to see how bicycle culture is changing..

It’s all essential and inspiring listening, so don’t miss it.

Free pedapod passenger rides in the Sydney CBD from 26th July to 1st August between 10am and 4pm brought to you by Jetstar.

So show your support for Sydney’s pedal-powered transport option by taking a free ride today.

As part of Jetstar’s launch of cheap flights to Asia, Jetstar has sponsored pedapod in Sydney for 1 week to offer free passenger service rides in the CBD. This is a “hail and ride” service, just like a taxi. You can use the service to get between city offices, to get between shops and public transport, to get between entertainment areas and public transport hubs, or just to enjoy a ride for the experience.

Jordan Baker reported in the Sydney Morning Herald today that,

The discount airline’s website yesterday buckled under the demand for $169 one-way flights to Bali – including taxes. Return trips to Vietnam were selling for $398, and one-way flights to Osaka for $249….Everyday, all-inclusive, one-way fares range from $409 for Bali, $489 for Ho Chi Minh City and $549 for Osaka.

…Each passenger receives a bottle of water on boarding, and a water cooler is onboard for refills.

Census Day – Ride and be Counted Ride to work on Tuesday 8 August and you know it will count. For advice about safe routes, bike buses and other info go to http://www.massbug.org.au <http://www.massbug.org.au> A4 Poster(s) prompting cyclists to ride on Tuesday can be found at massbug home page scroll down to News Headlines, or <http://www.massbug.org.au/cgi-bin/twiki/bin/view/MASSBUG/MediaReleases> Great if you could pass the around to colleagues and friends.

This Sunday, Mr Paul Johnson, of Premier Iemma’s electorate of Lakemba, will be leading a protest ride from The Premier’s electorate office in Riverwood to William Street in Kings Cross.

Mr Paul Johnson said, “I considered having a hunger strike, but that just seemed daft, the 3Cs, Cycling, Coffee and Chocolate go together so well. So I’m calling on the vegan cyclist hordes of Sydney to descend on William St and protest the removal of the William St bike lanes by eating meat (or a viable meat substitute if you must) this Sunday at a Kings Cross back-of-the-bike sausage sizzle. The government shouldn’t have all the fun doing stupid things like getting rid of bike lanes. We can match their dullness with something suitably senseless.”

Mr Johnson is converting a bicycle trailer into a mobile BBQ, and will be bringing a tandem to pull it, the stokers seat is reserved for Morris Iemma if he accepts the invitation to join. Others with tandems have been asked to invite their local politician.

To read the rest of the media release visit http://www.bikesydney.org

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