May 2006

Check out the proposal on the Sydney Council Website and send them some feedback, and tell everyone you know to do some feedback too.

It is very important that we show The City just how much support there is for this fantastic high class cycleway to provide a crucial north south link since there may be some opposition.  This is your chance to act to make Sydney more bike friendly!

Please bcc or forward to

For more information and to provide your comment

We are seeking detailed feedback by Friday 02 June to help define issues and possible design refinements. All issues identified will be reviewed to see whether they can be addressed.

By telephone
Allan Saxby, Senior Project Manager
Tel: 02 9265 9055

By mail
Allan Saxby
Senior Project Manager
GPO Box 1591
Sydney NSW 2001

Allan Saxby, Senior Project Manager

Council CBD Offices
Level 2, Town Hall House
456 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2001

In person
City consultation representatives will be visiting Kent Street businesses during the period of 18 May and 24 May for informal discussions and to hear your feedback on the proposal.

For further information on the site visits contact

Helena Orel
Tel: 02 9265 9880



Alrighty, this may or may not end up being called velosydney, and thankyou Timmay or the idea but anyway


I went on a nice ride yester, day the Massbug Sustainability ride (details soon). And I was thinking how much I love our customers. Not specifically the people on the ride. Don't be embarrassed. But I do some good thinking when I'm riding or after I've been riding.So my brilliant idea isto create a new blog covering Sydney bike culture!Now, that is what Dave and I have been trying to do already, but there is so much cool stuff going on and so many cool people involved, that everyone should know about . And I reckon it could be a great resource and could help the cause of bike culture in Sydney. NB this will not be a Cheeky Transport blog per se. It would be a stand alone thing. I'd like to try and make it as positive as possible. Have a look at these sites for an idea of what I'm thinking i love the byline "To inform and insipre"SO, basically, I might set it up and ask people to be contributors of cool stuff (news, events, stories, thoughts, cries for help, whatever) whenever they feel like it
Anyone got any ideas ? We need a name, something sydney centric. Remember this is for Sydney bike culture. Don't be shy

Damn that's a good idea!

please email me if you would like to be a contributor or if you have any ideas on what stuff you'd like to see on velosydney!